Eco Builders Workshop

This one day workshop is for professional builders which helps to:

  • Gain a deeper working knowledge of healthier and more sustainable building

  • Move towards creating a distinctive point of difference for your company

  • Help meet a growing demand!

The workshop includes intensive theory sessions on aspects of eco building and a session working on "greening" a current or future project.



This workshop is generally run on a Saturday, but another day can be arranged to suit a group.

  • Sustainable Design

  • Building Systems and Materials

  • Energy

  • Water and Waste

  • Practical Project

Workshop Costs

The BBE is a not-for-profit organisation. The fees for this course enable us to undertake research and provide more in the way of free information about sustainable, healthy and harmonious building.

  • NZD $195 (one day)

Payment details will be advised when a course date has been determined.

Upcoming Dates

Currently there are no dates set for the Eco Building workshops.  However, please register your interest, as this will help us establish where the demand is. 

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